Sunday, April 30, 2006

April schedule

Fri 07 Apr - Prayer & Praise
Fri 14 Apr - Good Friday outing (Picnic/Treetop Walk)
Fri 21 Apr - CG Beta Session 5
Fri 28 Apr - CG Beta Session 6

Sat 8 Apr - YA Great Bowling Friendly @ Planet Bowl

Sun 09 Apr - "Conquering our mountains" - Deut 1:6-8
Sun 16 Apr - Easter message + Baptism
Sun 23 Apr - "Waiting upon God" - Ps 27

Sun 30 Apr - "Fear does not factor when God is the factor" - Deut 1:19-33

*Sermon messages can be downloaded at

Friday, April 28, 2006

CG Beta Session 6

Prayed for Xinmin as a CG tonight. She shared about her final preparations (esp. admin), and the 1st 2 weeks there before she would start work, to settle housing, phone, bank, etc. Pray for God's protection and safety as she travels by car for work, and smooth transition into the work life and integration into the church life too. Pray for God to refresh and grow her as she seeks to spend more time reading and learning from His Word. Flight details: QA32, Tue 9.30am.

Friday, April 21, 2006

CG Beta Session 5

Spent some time to give thanks to God for Kevin who got baptised and Heather who transferred membership to Bartley on Easter Sunday. Also prayed for Church Camp fund-raising the coming Sunday, where some of our members set up a sandwich stall, to raise funds for camp subsidies.

We will take up an offering (on last week of May) for church camp, for those who are not going, to bless those who are intending to go, but have financial difficulties.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter + Baptism Sunday

2 of our CG members got baptised today, Lynnett and Kevin. Also, Jason and Heather transferred their membership to Bartley as well. Many friends and family were present to witness their baptism, and hear the gospel message as well. Welcome to the Bartley family!

Pics and video clip links here:

Friday, April 14, 2006

CG Good Friday (Picnic/Treetop Walk)

Praise God for holding off the monsoon rains that hit some parts of Singapore to the point of 77cm of flooding. Our 2 groups met at MacRitchie and Botanic Gardens for a tree-top walk and picnic. Thank God for the new friends that joined us, Shu Hui, Calvin and Grace.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

YA "Great Bowling Friendly"

Praise God for a great night of bowling fun. We had a total of 25 new friends from TF (Tertiary) and YA CGs that joined us. Praise the Lord! Also had the chance to challenge them on the truths about Christ, and invited them for our Good Friday and Easter events.

Here are the pics.

Thanks to Wenxing and team for an excellent job organising. Thanks to all our friends who could join us too. Hope you enjoyed yourselves!

YA Bowling Flyer