Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sep schedule

Fri 14 Sep - Phil Session 5 - Heather/Lois
Fri 21 Sep - Phil Session 6 - Zhenghui/Renzi
Fri 28 Sep - Phil Session 7 - Kevin/Suyin

Sun 2 Sep - CG lunch
Sun 9 Sep - YA Captain's Ball tournament @ PHS
Sat 29 Sep - Baptism service

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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Baptism service @ Calvary Baptist

We rejoice with Amilyn, Calvin and Lois who got baptised today, and Suyin who transferred membership too! Really encouraged to hear Amilyn share her touching heart-felt testimony, indeed God's grace abounds! Wishing them God's blessings and grace as they continue on this journey of faith.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sin Hong - Harlow from down under

Dear friends,

Sorry for not writing for so long. Spent the first 2 months of my time in Australia having prolonged and restful holiday praying, fasting and spending time with friends and parents (who were here on holidays).

Have started uni at UWA for about 1 month now (2/3 way more to go) and it's been really busy with full-day lessons and clinicals every day. Had quite a bit of a culture shock initially when I was back in university as I am the one and only true Asian in my class consisting of Irish, Dutch, British and Australians. Thank God that there were opportunities for me to show kindness to them and vice versa and as such my relationship with the class got better gradually.

Churchwise, am currently worshipping at All Nations presbyterian church (which I worshipped in during my undergrad days). Am thankful for this group of brothers and sisters who is a constant reminder of the fact that God has reserved a remnant of His people in this place where many seem to lead such a godless life.

Please do continue to pray for appropriate work opportunities upon completion of studies and spiritual support. Really missed the times of sharing and prayer during cell, at work and with friends when I was in Singapore. Hopefully I can start to build up such relationships in time to come.

Spring is finally here. Am enjoying the beauty of wild flowers at the national parks.

Take care and keep in touch. :)

Sin Hong

Sunday, September 09, 2007

YA Captain's Ball - for honour and glory!

We came in 4th! Close fight, we had a win-lose record of 4-1 after the first round. Then the top 2 teams from each grouping competed in a round-robin. Played from 1.30-6pm, totally exhausted by the end of the day, weather was great, but really hot, like a sauna/baking oven, especially at the quadrangle. Hey, not bad for a CG with an average age of 28, almost 10 years older than all the other YA teams taking part. We didn't play for the prize, we played for ... honour and glory! :) Proud of everyone for all their effort and enthusiasm. Welcome to friends who came, Andy and Hanqiang.