Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June 2009 Schedule

Fri 5 June - No CG
Sun 7 June - CG Lunch
Fri 12 June - CG BS (Preparation for July MM)
Fri 19 June - CG social at Pitstop Cafe
Fri 26 June - CG BS (Preparation for July MM)

* CG meetings will be at ZH & RZ's place*

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Games night at Pitstop Cafe! 19 June 09

We had a really crazy games night at Pitstop cafe last Friday! Quoting Chris: "How a simple board game can turn a group of serious working adults into a bunch of giggling competitive people!" 

The game session at the cafe was not enough for us and we went for round 2 at Grace & Dave's place with "Pictureka!" It was really fun and we didn't stopped till almost 1am! 

Thanks everyone for coming and especially Grace & Dave who opened up their place for us to hang out!

The goofy gang!

Let the competition begin!

Grace acting out the actions with purple monster!

Fannie the artist?

Pictureka! Try this if you haven't!