Saturday, February 28, 2009

February 2009 Schedule

Sun 1 Feb - CG lunch & Suyin Birthday Concert!
Fri 6 Feb - No CG
Fri 13 Feb - CG BS "The Missional Church" Video 1
Fri 20 Feb - CG BS "The Missional Church" Discussion 1
Fri 27 Feb - Social Gathering "Pancake Day!" @ Zhenghui & Renzi's place

Friday, February 27, 2009

CG Pancake Party!

We had a real crazy pancake party on 27 Feb 09, special thanks to Jo for suggesting the idea in remembance of Lent. More information on why eat pancakes pre Lent as below:

Quoting Chris's email:

It was really beautiful to watch the "body of Christ" in action as each one of us contributed a little to the night of fun. Every bit of contribution was important, even something as simple as playing in the Taboo game. I guess, this is just a teeny clue of how "heaven" may be like... It was also interesting to watch how a simple game of Taboo can transform a bunch of "serious" working adults into noisy "children" ribbing one another and just making noise for noise's sake.

"Kodak" moments of the night:
- Jiayee biting onto Zhenhui's fingers while biting a chunk of pancake
- Baby Claire prowling around like a hungry lion cub in search of unguarded pancakes.
- Fannie's excited body language when she saw "wonderbra" on the Taboo card.
- Rachel grabbing a cleaver to cut the cake after witnessing Zhenhui hacking helplessly at the cake with a tiny knife. (She's a woman of action)
- Zhenhui dutifully passing the Taboo cards whenever Renzi said "Skip" (Now I know who's the submissive one)
- Rachael breaking her plastic fork while trying to poke a pancake. (Now I know that lugging a guitar everywhere is better than going into a gym to pump iron)
- The looks of awe and admiration when Renzi shouted the answer "Impeachment" (Wow, this mother knows her politics, bible verses, can run a marathon and etc... I'm really impressed)
- Kevin choking on the toxic fumes from a made-in-china explosive candle (I bet none of his NS training had prepared him for china-made explosives.)
- Zhenhui asking our resident English expert Jo to speak, "English" so that she may be better understood. (Bro: she's the one speaking proper English, just that we don't understand her British accent) "

We all had great, great fun =) Pictures as evidence below!

Ps: For more pictures, check out Bernice's album on facebook

Sunday, February 22, 2009

What's your picture of God?

We had our weekly cg at Suyin's uncle place last Friday night. Sang one of the favorite worship songs at the moment: Beautiful Savior by Planet Shakers as Suyin led us through worship time.

Chris then led us through a review of the "Missional Church" vcd. Some key takeaways:
1) The church is the gathering of God's called out people - "Ecclesia"
2) We are called to particpate in Christ work in the world - "Participatio Christi"
3) We need to see all men as people bearing the image of God - "Imago Dei"
We were left with 3 questions to reflect on:
1) Who do you think Jesus is?
2) Where do you see Jesus?
3) Where is Jesus in your life now?

We then, as suggested by the VCD, drew on a piece of blank paper of who Jesus is to us. Here's what we got!

Jesus, the well - the only living water that will quench our thirst

Jesus, the gardener who nourishes & look after us, just like us who water & care for our plants

Jesus, the Sudoko! - the logical God

Jesus, the bright guiding light on the mountain,
where men will follow and believe in Him

Jesus, the King on the throne - where all will be in awe and sing songs of praise all day in heaven

It was refreshing and encouraging to see how God works in everyone's life by the simple sharing. May all of us, as per the cg theme/goal for 2009, walk closer and deeper with God =D

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Kevin & Fannie's Wedding - Feb 7 2009

Kevin and Fannie finally got married on Feb 7 2009! May the Lord bless this couple as they walk together as one! Some shots from the church wedding at Calvary Baptist Church as below:

The beautiful bride making her entrance =)


Welcome note on screen

The paparazzi!

The thank you speech by Mr & Mrs Goh
The cell group photo!

PS: For more pictures, check out Jo's facebook=)