Monday, May 08, 2006

Sin Ming: Greetings from Down Under

Hi everyone,

Well, thanks for your prayers. I am doing well so far. The weather has been good for the past week. Actually managed to get quite a couple of things done including buying furnitures and settling some of my administrative stuffs. Now waiting for furnitures to come in and in the mean time trying to buy a car. Hiring one at the moment.

Many blessings to count actually. Firstly, how I got around Perth safely and how I got to church safely on Sunday. My church has moved house thus was going round and round looking for it. Finally decided that this is too much of a hassle and parked my car and started walking to church instead. It is nice indeed to meet up with my church mates again although many things seems to have changed...

On the whole, I am doing fine and well. Work is starting only next week. Will keep you guys updated.

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