Monday, August 14, 2006

Email update from Xinmin

(top row standing, 3rd from left)

Sorry for missing in action for such a long time. Has been busy lately with my work and the day-to-day stuffs.

Well, God has been good. I'm sorta settled down in my church in Perth, joined the young adults group and am currently serving in the music ministry. I have attached a picture of the young adults outing to Joondalup Mini-golf club. Was fun and thank God that I managed to bring a colleague to join us for that event as well.

Work has started to take its toil, not in terms of hours but handling of the Aussie Culture. However thank God for his guidance and I guess I have learnt not to concentrate so much on work but on building relationship with people around me. Am trying to reach out to 2 of my colleagues, one from Malaysia and one from Mauritius. Pray that I would be a good testimony to them. At the same time, am really encouraged that my ex-manager from Singapore has been going to church constantly. While she is open to the gospel, she is still in the midst of searching. Just pray for her that God will speak to her and that one day she will give her heart to our God and saviour.

With the more time on hand, I finally have time to read up on Christian literature, something that I have not done for a long.... time. Will update you guys when I have the chance.

That's all for now. Am really thankful for God's provision for our cell group at BCC. Pray that all of us will continue to work faithfully for God's ministry.

See you guys when I come back in December.

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