Friday, November 17, 2006

CG 40DOC Final Session + Bdays

Completed the 40DOC series tonight, looking at the area of "Serving Together", and we ended with a time of group sharing about what we learnt from the 6 weeks. It was heartening and encouraging to hear how God has been working in each other's lives and the many different lessons we have all learnt through our time together.

Would like to thank all the CG facilitators that helped out with the sessions and discussions, as well as everyone who served throughout the 6 weeks, in Welcome/Snacks, Worship, Word, prayer, inviting friends, etc. Also really encouraged by the commitment and enthusiasm of our new friends, Demin, Mirzi, Carmela, Jennifer, Serena, who came down for most, if not all, the 6 weeks faithfully. Really hoped you were blessed, because we sure were blessed by you.

Celebrated our Nov babes, namely Dave, Serene and Daniel.

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