Wednesday, December 26, 2007

From Chris: Bartley News Network (Ep 1)



1. Standing Room only for Christmas Service!@Bartley Christian Church

It was almost a miracle to see the main worship hall packed full of worshippers before service began at 10 am. Latecomers had to stand at theback of the room throughout the entire service. If you consider the fact that the church had to open up 2 overflow rooms to cater for the largecrowd. Wow! The Lord must be very pleased to see such a good turnout for worship in Bartley Church. Snr Pastor William sure knows how to deliver a powerful Christmas message. ‘Jesus is coming again with to reign with authority and victory’. It is such a timely reminder on the urgency of the Great Commission. 2000 years have passed since Jesus ascended to heaven andit is estimated that more than 3 billion people around the world are still living without the hope of salvation.(

2. How the PSI level reached mildly dangerous level at How Sun Walk

On Christmas Day, between 5-7 pm, the Meteorological Department received calls from residents in How Sun Walk complaining about hazy conditions inHow Sun Walk. Officers from NEA were notified and found a cheerful caucasian man happily turning some sausages on a really tiny and smoky BBQ pit at Unit No. 4. ‘Must be a China-made BBQ pit.’ thought the NEA officers and left after completing their air quality tests, as they found only some lightly charred hotdogs and declined the offer to stay for dinner. I was fortunateto be invited to the christmas party hosted by Dave and Heather (ourfriendly couple from NZ). The lightly burned hotdogs were followed by more‘burnt offerings’ (lightly carbonized chicken wings). Obviously, this was a Christian gathering as the ‘burnt offerings’ were promptly finished. There were other delicious home-made food, such as baked vegetables, roast chicken and beef burgers. Heather once again impressed us with her baking skills and made a sweet NZ dessert called ‘Pavalova’ or something. We were also privileged to partake in a 3-year old wedding cake. Yes, it was a cake from their wedding saved for a special occasion. On the whole, it was a pleasant evening of fellowship and good food. Before the night ended, the group gathered for photo-taking and it took 2 fuzzy shots before Dave realized that the lights should be turned on for better effects. Thank God for digital cameras. Kudos again to Dave & Heather for being such excellent hosts.

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