Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Skye in Mumbai

Hi, if you follow the news, mumbai India had a terror attack on the train. Skye, who is there for CIP, was near where the attack took place. Thank God the whole is safe. Below is the transcript when I chat with her at the Internet Café.

WX: i see. what can i get d CG to pray for u...
Skye: pray that the blastings will not continue so tt we can continue w our work here
Skye: pray for safety for each one of us here
Skye: pray that those who are sick will recover soon
Skye: pray that God will continue to bless me w good health so tt i can take care of those who are sick
Skye: pray for the pple in india
Skye: this is the first time i come so close to such incidents and it is really quite horrifying to see them suffering

Pray for her and the team that this incident will cause so of them to think about life and God will eventually lead them to Himself.
Regards, Wenxing

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