Friday, February 27, 2009

CG Pancake Party!

We had a real crazy pancake party on 27 Feb 09, special thanks to Jo for suggesting the idea in remembance of Lent. More information on why eat pancakes pre Lent as below:

Quoting Chris's email:

It was really beautiful to watch the "body of Christ" in action as each one of us contributed a little to the night of fun. Every bit of contribution was important, even something as simple as playing in the Taboo game. I guess, this is just a teeny clue of how "heaven" may be like... It was also interesting to watch how a simple game of Taboo can transform a bunch of "serious" working adults into noisy "children" ribbing one another and just making noise for noise's sake.

"Kodak" moments of the night:
- Jiayee biting onto Zhenhui's fingers while biting a chunk of pancake
- Baby Claire prowling around like a hungry lion cub in search of unguarded pancakes.
- Fannie's excited body language when she saw "wonderbra" on the Taboo card.
- Rachel grabbing a cleaver to cut the cake after witnessing Zhenhui hacking helplessly at the cake with a tiny knife. (She's a woman of action)
- Zhenhui dutifully passing the Taboo cards whenever Renzi said "Skip" (Now I know who's the submissive one)
- Rachael breaking her plastic fork while trying to poke a pancake. (Now I know that lugging a guitar everywhere is better than going into a gym to pump iron)
- The looks of awe and admiration when Renzi shouted the answer "Impeachment" (Wow, this mother knows her politics, bible verses, can run a marathon and etc... I'm really impressed)
- Kevin choking on the toxic fumes from a made-in-china explosive candle (I bet none of his NS training had prepared him for china-made explosives.)
- Zhenhui asking our resident English expert Jo to speak, "English" so that she may be better understood. (Bro: she's the one speaking proper English, just that we don't understand her British accent) "

We all had great, great fun =) Pictures as evidence below!

Ps: For more pictures, check out Bernice's album on facebook

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