Sunday, February 22, 2009

What's your picture of God?

We had our weekly cg at Suyin's uncle place last Friday night. Sang one of the favorite worship songs at the moment: Beautiful Savior by Planet Shakers as Suyin led us through worship time.

Chris then led us through a review of the "Missional Church" vcd. Some key takeaways:
1) The church is the gathering of God's called out people - "Ecclesia"
2) We are called to particpate in Christ work in the world - "Participatio Christi"
3) We need to see all men as people bearing the image of God - "Imago Dei"
We were left with 3 questions to reflect on:
1) Who do you think Jesus is?
2) Where do you see Jesus?
3) Where is Jesus in your life now?

We then, as suggested by the VCD, drew on a piece of blank paper of who Jesus is to us. Here's what we got!

Jesus, the well - the only living water that will quench our thirst

Jesus, the gardener who nourishes & look after us, just like us who water & care for our plants

Jesus, the Sudoko! - the logical God

Jesus, the bright guiding light on the mountain,
where men will follow and believe in Him

Jesus, the King on the throne - where all will be in awe and sing songs of praise all day in heaven

It was refreshing and encouraging to see how God works in everyone's life by the simple sharing. May all of us, as per the cg theme/goal for 2009, walk closer and deeper with God =D

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